HempClub ClusterXchange: Material Technologies Business Exchange

Submitted by Sara Daniotti on 13 July 2023

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On September 6-8, 2023 will be held in Stuttgart (Germany) the Material Technologies Business Exchange focusing on creating a collaborative network dedicated to improving research and supporting commercial growth in the material industry's bioeconomy area.

The event is supported by the ClusterXChange programme, a pilot scheme implemented by the HempClub project - funded by the COSME Programme - with the aim to better connect Europe’s industrial ecosystems and facilitate transnational cooperation, peer learning, networking, and innovation uptake between actors of different industrial clusters.

The exchange will be hosted by Standortagentur Tirol an Austrian service provider, initiator and pioneer for business and science regarding growth, research, technology, innovations and cooperation. The event will take you to a hotspot of the natural fibre pushing industry, visiting  innovative companies such as Daimler and the German Institutes for Textiles and Fibres (DITF), as well as to various universities during the 3-day programme. This is a good opportunity to meet many interesting and motivated fellow travellers who are keen on inspiration, networking and exchange.

The Material Technologies Business Exchange objectives will be: 

  • Creating a collaborative network dedicated to improving research and supporting commercial growth in the hemp fiber-based industry.
  • Facilitating improved collaboration and networking across EU bioeconomy value chain players in order to promote sustainable technologies and innovative solutions in the European Material technologies business.
  • Organizing visits to local factories and technology hubs that are actively applying bioeconomy-related methods, allowing for first-hand observation and exploration.
  • Acquiring a thorough understanding of the present situation of the bioeconomy market, including important stakeholders, active innovation research initiatives, and funded projects.

Eligible organizations may be entitled to receive a lump sum for their participation in the event. Click on the following link to register and find out more about this exchange! https://www.eventbrite.it/e/material-technologies-business-exchange-ger…

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