HempCluB ClusterXchange: Circular Solutions For Textile Value Chain

Submitted by Sara Daniotti on 21 December 2023


Author: Maria Elena Saija - Lombardy Green Chemistry Association

The HempCluB project, funded by the COSME Programme, brings together 7 clusters and associations operating in the bioeconomy, advanced manufacturing, and hemp production sectors to create interconnected and interregional supply chains between operators in primary production, agri-food processing, and green chemistry in the hemp sector.

HempCluB implements the ClusterXchange pilot scheme which aims to support short-term exchanges between two different COSME countries to better connect Europe’s industrial ecosystems. It facilitates transnational cooperation, peer learning, networking, and innovation uptake between actors of different industrial clusters.

In this context, one of the HempCluB project's partners - Federcanapa - organized the "Circular Solutions For Textile Value Chain " Business Exchange that will be held on February 26-28, 2023, in Milan (Italy). Federcanapa is the Federation of Italian Hemp and was established to give voice and technical and scientific support to the many initiatives underway in all Italian regions and to be an authoritative representation to the government, regional administrations, and other industry sectors. The Federation aims to protect the interests of growers and primary processors of hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.), promoting research and providing reliable, scientifically correct information on the methods of cultivation and processing of industrial hemp and its potential applications.

The event will focus on circular solutions for the textile value chain with a focus on the design, disintegration, sorting, defibration, and recycling of the fibers. The main objective of the Exchange will be gaining insights from industry experts and visionaries shaping the future of textile sustainability, but also networking with like-minded professionals and stakeholders committed to driving change in the textile industry to discover actionable strategies and innovative approaches to integrate circular solutions into this sector.

During the event, participants will be part of a transformative dialogue that addresses pressing sector concerns and charts a sustainable path forward for the industry and they understand the present situation of the hemp bioeconomy market. They will have also the opportunity to create a collaborative network to improve research and support commercial growth in innovative materials and their potential for bioeconomy boost among EU actors, promoting the European hemp industry globally, ​​​​​​ sharing knowledge, individuating potential collaboration and commercial opportunities in the bioeconomy among the Host Organization (and its cluster associates) and Visiting organizations.​​​​​​ and finally visiting and knowing more about local companies and interact with local stakeholders operating in the hemp sector.

Eligible organizations may be entitled to receive a lump sum for their participation in the event.

Click on the following link to register and read the programme fo the exchange: https://www.eventbrite.it/e/circular-solutions-for-textile-value-chain-exchange-tickets-776180074497?utm-campaign=social&utm-content=attendeeshare&utm-medium=discovery&utm-term=listing&utm-source=cp&aff=ebdsshcopyurl

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