HempClub ClusterXchange: 3 day free training on digital industry in Barcelona, 30 january to 1 february 2024

Submitted by Sara Daniotti on 04 January 2024

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Author: Maria João Samúdio - PRODUTECH

The HempCluB project, funded by the COSME Programme, brings together 7 clusters and associations operating in the bioeconomy, advanced manufacturing, and hemp production sectors to create interconnected and interregional supply chains between operators in primary production, agri-food processing, and green chemistry in the hemp sector.

HempCluB implements the ClusterXchange pilot scheme which aims to support short-term exchanges between two different COSME countries to better connect Europe’s industrial ecosystems. It facilitates transnational cooperation, peer learning, networking, and innovation uptake between actors of different industrial clusters.

In this context, the partnership has organized a 3-day free training on different digital industry technological areas that will be provided by LEITAT in their labs at DFactory Barcelona.


The training overall agenda starting at 9:00 on Tuesday, 30th January, and ending at 17:00 on Thursday, 1st February, will be:

- Overview of technology transfer and innovation.

- Overview of Industry 4.0.

- Training technologies -overview & hands on:

  • Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Sensing, IoT, connectivity
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Photonics & Vision

- Final discussions.

The training will be rather interactive and practical being the proposed methodology for each one of approached technologies the following:

  • Overview of the technology
  • Industrial applications
  • Visits to the laboratory
  • Showroom of applications
  • Practical exercise / hands-on


LEITAT was founded in 1906 as a private non-profit organization that offers disruptive solutions to the technological needs demanded by companies and entities, with a clear focus on generating competitive value and a sustainable future. LEITAT purpose is to improve the competitiveness of companies and entities, providing knowledge and differential technology for the transition to a digital, sustainable and competitive industry. LEITAT operates under open innovation models, with a vision of technology transfer and adoption in the industry and its positive return on society “people-profit-planet”.

The objective of DFactory BCN is the creation of an ecosystem that promotes the digital transformation of European industry in which three types of actors converge:

  • Leading technology companies that provide digital solutions in their fields of expertise.
  • Companies in the process of digital transformation that are looking for cutting-edge solutions.
  • Leitat specialists who will facilitate the processes with the help of shared laboratories.

DFactory BCN aims to promote the creation of an ecosystem to attract talent, technology and investment in a unique space that brings together the most innovative companies with the most cutting-edge technological projects.

Leitat focuses on technology management and industrial R+D, to generate transformative projects in this field, generating technological value to the DFactory ecosystem.


Participants of a transnational exchange can be representatives of cluster organisations and similar business network organisations, scaling-up support organisations (such as tech centres, research institutes, (digital) innovation hubs, fab labs, creative hubs, resource-efficiency service providers, incubators, accelerators) and SMEs that are cluster members from countries participating in the COSME programme.

Eligible organizations may be entitled to receive a lump sum (415€) for their participation in the event. Since the exchange takes place in Spain, Spanish organizations are not entitled to receive a reimbursement due to the European exchange rules. Visiting organizations can participate only once in the CXC mobility scheme.

Click on the following link for more information and registration to the exchange: https://www.eventbrite.it/e/practical-training-on-digital-industry-in-barcelona-tickets-778268430827?aff=oddtdtcreator

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