GEMSTONE TRAIN call for Financial support for Training

DEADLINE: 31 December 2024

Skills are a critical to achieve the green transition; currently skills mismatches are identified as major obstacles to the greening of the manufacturing industry. Also, the lack of knowledge of the environment–skills nexus is hindering the achievement of an effective transition. Therefore, it is necessary to help people acquire or improve skills that will be essential for the development of their jobs – and this at all level of the company (workforce, management…).
The GEMSTONE financial support must be used by the selected organisation as support to purchase services related to “green skills” understood as (i) technical knowledge and skills that enable professionals to effectively use green technologies and processes and (ii) transversal skills, as well as knowledge, values and attitudes needed to live in, develop and support a sustainable and resource-efficient manufacturing industry.
The following categories are eligible:
- Value, behaviour, normative skills (values related to responsibility, future, environment, justice, solidarity and tolerance, e.g. environmental awareness. Skills that will allow trainees to better understand the framework of Green Manufacturing and to have a more thorough knowledge of the challenges and impacts)
- Technical occupational competences (vocational and technical skills related to technology, emerging products and services. Occupation-specific skills that are related to the particular challenges of a certain job).
Training services can address either upskilling or reskilling. The eligible activities can take the form of individual or group activities. They can be attended online or physically. Training service providers should be established in EU or Horizon Europe countries.
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