GEMSTONE - call for Financial support for Innovation - GREENADOPT

DEADLINE: 31 October 2023

GEMSTONE Call – GreenAdopt aims to facilitate the adoption of green smart solution by industrial European SMEs. The ambition of the call is to foster the implementation of a new green technology, service, product or business production process in a real operational environment. Proposals will aim at implementing functional solution and demonstrate the green transition of the SMEs.

Up to 15 projects will obtain support up to €40,000 per project.

GreenAdopt financial support aims to fund the following type of activities:
1. Validation or/and demonstration of a solution, product, process, service, or technology in a manufacturing environment in collaboration with another SME
2. Implementation of a tested solution, product, process, service, or technology in real environment in collaboration with another SME

Applications must fall under one of the 3 thematic areas identified in section 2.3 of the Guide for Applicants: Circular Design, Optimal Use, Value Recovery. Applicants should clearly mention the area selected in their application.
Link to the Guide for Applicant:…

The call is open to manufacturing, technology and solution providers SMEs, and in particular industrial equipment and tool providers. The project must be led by an SME. Only for-profit SMEs can be directly funded.

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