Funded innovation projects [6/13] ENERGAI

Submitted by Caroline Amiot on 13 September 2023

ENERGAI visual

PIMAP4Sustainability is happy to present the innovation project ENERGAI, issued from the collaboration between ZITU, Spain and MOTOFIL, Portugal.
Since Industry 4.0 has developed many innovative technologies for manufacturing industries to become more efficient and sustainable ZITU, a Spanish SME providing IT services, in collaboration with MOTOFIL, a manufacturing SME from Portugal in need of transforming their manufacturing processes to become a sustainable manufacturer. Together they will develop an AI-based production scheduler with energy consumption optimisation at its core. ENERGAI will set a new standard for production scheduler applications.
MOTOFIL’s main customers are in the metalworking, renewable energy, mobile and agricultural machinery manufacturing, aeronautics, metal processing and automotive sectors. These are industries where production processes increasingly require the inclusion of robot applications with a high degree of adaptability.

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