Funded innovation projects [5/13] CHRIIIPL

Submitted by Caroline Amiot on 12 September 2023


PIMAP4Sustainability is happy to present the innovation project CHRIIIPL, issued from the collaboration between OSVAT,Italy and ECO CASTULUM, Spain.
Currently chrome (VI) being a carcinogen, 16 million people are at risk due to critical air, soil and water contamination, eliciting the need for a replacement majorly for the production of construction elements and active parts of automobiles like valves. CHRIIIPL ambition lies in just such a replacement at the industrial level by chrome (III) which is an eco-friendly essential oligo nutrient form, necessary for the correct metabolism of sugars in the human body and is characterized by a toxicity close to 0. The innovation created by CHRIIIPL will make it possible to significantly reduce the carcinogenic load on ecosystems affected by the production of automotive parts. This applies in the first place to production, with around 250 000 tons of a chrome plating per year and about 900 000 workers in the EU directly related to the production and estimated to be exposed to the substance. The result of the project will be a demonstration Chromium Ill industrial pilot plant schematically shown in the visual.

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