Funded innovation projects [13/13] LASER4TWIN

Submitted by Caroline Amiot on 22 September 2023


PIMAP4Sustainability is happy to present the innovation project LASER4TWIN, issued from the collaboration between CIS Robotics, Spain and up2metric, Greece
LASER4TWIN project focuses on the development of an innovative robot for pipeline inspection, combining laser scanning with exploration capabilities to create high-resolution digital twins of the inner surface of the pipelines in any industrial sector. The robot will be equipped with a LIDAR system, enabling precise measurements and mapping of the interior surface. By leveraging advanced robotics, 3D data processing and simultaneous localization and mapping, our solution will revolutionize pipeline inspections, providing real-time data for accurate defect detection and proactive maintenance. This technology will enhance pipeline integrity, minimize environmental risks, and optimize resource management, ensuring safe and reliable pipeline networks.

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