Funded innovation projects [12/13] Photonics4STiP

Submitted by Caroline Amiot on 21 September 2023

Photonics4STIP Visual

PIMAP4Sustainability is happy to present the innovation project Photonics4STiP, issued from the collaboration between VLM Robotics, France and Weldmetrix, Austria
The project leads to the adoption of a manufacturing process new to the company for large aerospace titanium parts.
This laser process is a key element for strengthen the sustainability and resilience of ASD sectors. Photonics4STiP leads to the development of a new product by VLM-Robotics (titanium laser additive manufacturing cell).
Within DED technologies, Aeronautics needs laser fusion for large Ti parts, which involves dealing with 3 issues:
- maintain an inert atmosphere during the additive manufacturing of Ti parts
- control the focal point of the laser during the process to be sure to melt the wire perfectly
- manage the stick-out or the distance between the head and the last thread deposit during the whole process.

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