Four COSME projects help to make fashion more sustainable

Submitted by Imogen Allan on 19 July 2021

The fashion industry can play a big role in reaching the objective of climate neutrality by 2050. In this context, the European Commission is committed to supporting a more sustainable industry.

There are huge opportunities for businesses in the fashion industry; five million people are directly employed in the fashion value chain. The Commission recently launched a public consultation before the release of the EU strategy for sustainable textiles in the third quarter of 2021.

The initiative aims to boost the competitiveness, sustainability and resilience of the EU textile sector.

In 2019, the COSME programme published a call for proposals on sustainable and circular fashion. Its general objective was to enhance the competitiveness and improve the environmental performance of the European fashion industry. This can be achieved by building capacity in small businesses and helping them to become more sustainable.

EISMEA funded four projects that were launched in January 2021. With a total co-funding of €3.5 million, they involve 25 European organisations from 15 member states and all European regions (East, West, North, and South).

These projects will provide direct support to around 120 promising sustainable business ideas in the fashion industry with high innovation potential.

The selected projects are:

  • S4Fashion: Sustainability for Fashion Industry, which aims to empower SMEs to introduce new sustainable and circular economy products;
  • CirCoAX by CircularInnoBooster: A unique business support platform to boost fashion and textile SMEs’ transitions to regenerative, circular, and sustainable businesses;
  • Small But Perfect: Aims to accelerate the rise of circular and sustainable SMEs in fashion;
  • Fashion for Change: Aims to scale-up circular and sustainable fashion innovations.

Each of these projects is helping the EU to achieve its Climate and Green Deal objectives.

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