Feedback Aquatech Activity

Submitted by Xavier Amores on 22 December 2023

Picture Aquatech

Last November, the AEWEN team participated in Aquatech Amsterdam 2023 alongside euWater4i-SD. Together, we involved several EU enterprises to showcase their services and products to African stakeholders.
On the first day of Aquatech, the 6th of November, a delegation of African companies embarked on an organized tour through the interested exhibiting EU companies. In total the delegation met with 15 EU Companiesinterested in Africa. This initiative facilitated meaningful interactions with different EU enterprises expressing interest in Africa. This activity concluded with a highly productive networking cocktail, extending as well the opportunity for companies not exhibiting at the fair to broaden their connections with African stakeholders.
This immersive experience proved to be very enriching, marked by valuable meetings that hold the potential to catalyze new partnerships and projects in the future.

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