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European Investment Bank funding for Circular Economy projects

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In light of the EC Circular Economy Package, the European Investment Bank (EIB), as the EU bank, aims to support the transition to a circular economy (CE), in particular in the EU, but also in other parts of the world. While the EIB has a long track record of lending to projects focusing on recycling and the recovery of waste and by-products in various sectors, there is room for expanding the lending volume to innovative Circular Economy  projects aimed at systematically designing out waste, extending the life of assets and closing material loops. The EIB also offers circular economy advisory services, and is active in CE networking, sharing of best practices, connecting different CE stakeholders and facilitating access to CE finance.

To support the EIB has also developed a Circular Economy Guide that aims to promote a common understanding of the CE concept and related challenges and opportunities among our financial and project partners, raise awareness about and promote circular solutions among project promoters and other stakeholders, facilitate and harmonise due diligence of and reporting on CE projects by our financial and project partners, communicate our vision of how the EIB can further support the transition to a circular economy. The Guide is a living document that will be updated in response to the evolving understanding of CE needs, opportunities and risks, and growing experience with the appraisal and financing of CE projects.