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The past 18 months have radically transformed Europe and the world. Because of the ongoing pandemic, the world has digitalised faster than ever before. Digital technology is what has kept our society functioning, but it has also widened the gap between those who have the means to shift to digital and enjoy its benefits, and those who do not. 

Held on 1–2 June, ‘Europe Leading the Digital Decade’ is a two-day online event which will focus on Europe’s digital transformation for 2030.

The event will address three key questions:

  • What should the future of digital in Europe be?
  • What should our 2030 goals be when it comes to digital transformation?
  • How can we ensure that we meet our objectives?

‘Leading the Digital Decade’ focuses on defining the path to these goals. This two-day event is co-organised by the European Commission and the Portuguese Presidency.

Day one will focus on how to make the EU’s Digital Compass targets a reality, and day two will look at the launch of the Digital Europe Programme, the first financial instrument of the EU to specifically finance European digital projects.

Read the full programme here.

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