EuroBoosTEX: Communication & Dissemination assessment report

Submitted by Sonia Descoins on 22 February 2024

EuroBoosTEX, made up 5 partners from 4 countries, is a European partnership that aims to accelerate the dual green and digital transition of European textile SMEs and boost their international competitiveness. EuroBoostex has a total budget of 1.4 million euros and 1.050 million euros are directly targeted to support EU textile SMEs.

The project started in September 2022, will run until September 2025.

To gauge the efficacy of the project's communication and dissemination efforts, a comprehensive assessment was conducted via a Google form questionnaire disseminated to 33 institutions spanning four European textile regions (Spain, Portugal, France, Italy).

Several types of questions were asked to identify the target audience, evaluate the understanding of the Project, assessing communication and evaluating dissemination. The findings underscore the critical role played by cluster communication channels, indicating a significant proportion of participants first became acquainted with EuroBoosTEX through these channels.

Moreover, the results reveal a high level of satisfaction and perceived utility among respondents regarding the information provided by the project, with the majority expressing extreme usefulness.

While the assessment reflects positively on the project's communication activities, it also identifies areas for enhancement. Recommendations include the provision of information regarding internationalization opportunities and streamlining the submission process for greater clarity and accessibility.

This process has been upgraded for the 2nd call. These results are in line with the project's current initiatives with a with an internationalisation action already planned for April.

These results provide a solid basis to guide future initiatives enabling stakeholders to identify best practices and propose strategic recommendations to further improve the effectiveness of dissemination.

See EuroBoosTEX Linkedin profil.

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