EU Product Safety Award

DEADLINE: 08 September 2023

What is the Product Safety Award?

The EU Product Safety Award encourages and honours innovative business initiatives and research that make a difference for consumers. Safety matters to consumers. If it matters to you as a business or a researcher, then this could be your chance to show it and shine.

Why apply?

The EU Product Safety Award means widespread recognition and a boost to your reputation. Moreover, the Award is not just for established players. There will be separate awards for SMEs and bigger companies, as well as for early-career and senior researchers.

Who can apply?

Companies which:

  • Are registered in one of the countries in the European Economic Area (EU Member States plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway);
  • Submit an initiative that goes beyond the requirements laid down in EU legislation and the supporting standards and which aims to increase the safety of teenagers (e.g. by improving the safety of products/shopping channels commonly used by teenagers or awareness-raising initiatives focused on product safety risks faced by this age group);
  • Operate in line with internationally recognised Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) criteria.

Researchers who:

  • Are nationals of one of the 30 countries in the European Economic Area (the 27 EU Member states plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) or are affiliated to academic institutions based in the European Economic Area;
  • Submit research findings which have significant implications for enhancing consumer product safety and which have been published or presented at an academic conference within the last 4 years;
  • Are affiliated to a non-profit organisation.
How to apply:

Submit your application by 8 September.

More information and application details are available here

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