EU KETs4Dual-Use 2.0 Project: Successful Business Missions to UAE, Singapore, and Canada

Submitted by Rikke Drøgemüller on 06 September 2023

The EU KETs4Dual-Use 2.0 project consortium has effectively facilitated three distinct business missions, expanding collaboration and opening new horizons for European dual-use companies. The project's dedicated efforts have resulted in impactful outcomes during these missions, strengthening partnerships across different countries and sectors.

Mission to the UAE - February 20th to February 24th, 2023

The project initiated its journey with the UAE mission. With meticulous planning and support from the consortium and the mission advisor, TTE Gulf, 8 companies embarked on the mission. This mission laid the foundation for future collaborations, with TTE Gulf's guidance enabling the delegation to navigate cultural differences and to conduct several B2B meetings. The delegation also participated in the prestigious IDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi, expanding their reach even further.
A total of 51 B2B meetings were conducted.

Mission to Singapore - March 20th to March 24th, 2023

Continuing its stride, the project orchestrated a successful mission to Singapore, to further strengthen ties between Europe and Asia. Despite last-minute cancellations, the consortium, in partnership with the mission advisor, Jumpster, ensured that the mission remained impactful. 3 companies embarked on this journey, engaging in individual B2B meetings, and attending the "Singapore Defence Technology Summit." This summit, a hub for Defence and Security innovation, provided a platform for networking and showcasing European solutions. The clusters' participation added an additional layer of collaboration, showcasing the depth of opportunities for European SMEs in Singapore.
A total of 25 B2B meetings were conducted.

Mission to Canada - May 29th to June 2nd, 2023

Culminating with the mission to Canada, the project solidified its commitment to international collaboration. 12 companies embarked on the mission, seeking to establish partnerships with Canadian counterparts. Guided by the mission advisor, ADEXIA, the delegation engaged in strategic B2B meetings. The delegation also attended CANSEC, Canada's largest defence and security expo. The weeklong mission offered insights into the Canadian ecosystem and set the stage for enduring collaborations.
A total of 83 B2B meetings were conducted.

These missions signify the project's dedication to fostering connections and cross-border partnerships. By bringing together European dual-use companies with international stakeholders, the EU KETs4Dual-Use 2.0 project has laid the groundwork for future innovation, collaboration, and shared success.

Thank you to all who were involved in the three business missions. 

The EU KETs4Dual-Use 2.0 project, which commenced on 16 September, 2021, built upon the achievements of its predecessor, EU KETs4Dual-Use Worldwide. With five partners, including the newly added SAFE Cluster, the project aimed to help European dual-use companies into global markets and the ecosystems in the field of Key Enabling Technologies (with a selected focus on optoelectronics, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence). The project spanned 24 months, intensifying cross-border collaboration in the defence and security sectors for joint internationalisation efforts.

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