EU-Japan Centre

Submitted by ECCP Team on 25 January 2016

The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation is a unique venture between the European Commission and the Japanese Government. It is a non-profit organisation established as an affiliate of the Institute of International Studies and Training (IIST). It aims at promoting all forms of industrial, trade and investment cooperation between the EU and Japan and at improving EU and Japanese companies’ competitiveness and cooperation by facilitating exchanges of experience and know-how between EU and Japanese businesses.

The mission of the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation is:

  • to promote all forms of industrial, trade and investment cooperation between Japan and the EU;
  • to strengthen the technological capabilities and the competitiveness of the European and Japanese industrial systems.

It manages policy-related and business support activities such as managerial training courses, cluster missions, information seminars, researches, student placement programmes, a business forum, an info & help desk, as well as various other services all designed to help bring European and Japanese businesses together.

Main activities managed by the EU-Japan Centre are:

  • Policy Analysis
  • Training Schemes for EU Executives (including cluster missions)
  • Training Schemes for Students
  • R&D – Innovation
  • Other Services.

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