EPIX ClusterXchange success story in Lisbon!

Submitted by Fabiola Simeoni on 15 November 2023


 EPIX CXC missions continues to bridge connections!

Our recent EPIX ClusterXchange mission hosted by AMR - Indústrias Têxteis during the Décor Hotel Fair, brought together eight Visitors: Basmat, INNOMAT, iSiMARMARINVER INMUEBLES SLMobekiponn arquitectura interiorQMASD GALEO and Cluster Habic, creating meaningful business connections and fostering collaboration in the vibrant city of Lisbon, Portugal!

EPIX Visitors had the incredible opportunity to network with the Host organisation, explore stands of Portoguese companies showcasing the latest technologies and solutions in the habitat, construction, and hotel sectors, and deep dive into the dynamic Portuguese market trends!

Congratulations to AMR - Indústrias Têxteis and Cluster Habic for the organizational part and thank you to all #EPIX Visitors! 👏

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