This workshop is part of the EPICENTRE Project and is aimed at cluster management teams from European clusters. It will discuss how to integrate strategies into the end-to-end innovation process, enabling businesses to create products and services that can succeed in diverse markets.
An international product or service launch can be a challenging and exciting process. It involves taking an idea from the eureka moment and turning it into a successful product/service that is introduced to a global market. To thrive in the global market, businesses must adapt their innovation processes to consider internationalization from the very beginning. This workshop will focus on providing with an understanding of the innovation life cycle and the key steps involved in the end-to-end innovation process, integrating internationalization. Moreover, tools and strategies required to achieve success at each stage will be shared. Key topics covered: Innovation Life Cycle; New Product Introduction, Successful Launches and Business as Usual.
This workshop is organized by Worsley Acceleration Services: https://worsley.ac/
Speaker: Iolanda Marchueta
Iolanda Marchueta is a Ph.D., Senior Advisor and Professor. As an independent consultant, she provides services in the Healthcare/Pharma Industry, Management and Innovation… separately or combined in the Ikigai (where passion, know-how, value and need intersect).
She is a passionate and enthusiastic professional, a Project Leader with over 25 years of International experience in the Biopharma Industry & Health Care sector covering R&D, product launches and business models.
More than 11 years leading cross-functional, cross-cultural, transversal, in-person and remote teams and more than 150 launches worldwide, on time, in full, every time.
More than 18 awards including:Teaching excellence, CEO Awards, Team Hero, Return to Growth, Exceptiona Leadership, Outstanding NPI Success

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