Submitted by Joan Puate Puy on 08 August 2023


EPICENTRE Academy includes training and mentoring sessions provided by Worsley Acceleration Services. Worsley is a consultancy boutique specialized in open innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability.

The training/mentoring for the LAUNCH Phase is structured into 2 parts:

  1. Lean startup and lean experiment map training
  2. Pitch deck preparation

In order to kick-off both parts, the participants will have 2 bootcamps:

  1. Lean Startup Bootcamp: A 2-hour group session focused on understanding the Lean Startup methodology. The Lean Experiment Map will be introduced to help participants design experiments for validating startup assumptions.
  2. Pitch Deck Preparation Bootcamp: Another 2-hour group session that will teach participants how to create a compelling pitch deck for attracting investors and effectively communicating their vision.

Individualized Lean Startup Mentoring

After the bootcamps, participants will receive 16 hours of tailored mentoring for their specific projects:

  • 8 hours of Mentoring Sessions: Participants will apply Lean Startup principles to their projects and explore the Business Model Canvas, the Lean Experiment Map, and the Experiment Loop to refine their startup strategies.
  • 6 hours of Pitch Deck Mentoring: Participants will receive guidance on creating a powerful video pitch tailored for corporate partners or investors. The focus is on refining the value proposition and learning how to present effectively in a digital format.
  • 2 hours of a comprehensive final review of the video pitch and prototype development plan. Expert feedback will be provided to fine-tune strategies and ensure effective communication of the value proposition.

​​​​​​​In conclusion, EPICENTRE Academy's training and mentoring, led by Worsley Acceleration Services, empowers participants with tailored guidance. From Lean Startup principles to crafting compelling pitch decks, SMEs and Startups will gain valuable insights. EPICENTRE foster innovation and entrepreneurship, paving the way for transformative collaborations.

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