EPICENTRE: 25 SMEs and Startups have been selected to participate in the 2nd call of the Epicentre Project

Submitted by Joan Puate Puy on 31 January 2024

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The Epicentre project's 2nd call results are now available: over 50 outstanding proposals from more than 60 SMEs and startups across 25 countries have been evaluated.  

EPICENTRE closed the second call for the participation of SMEs and Startups on December 5th. Until then, the members of the Consortium had been evaluating the potential and adequacy of the 50 proposals in order to select the 25 most valued. Key aspects considered during the evaluation process were Innovation Potential, Project Implementation, Business Potential, Expected Impact, and Motivation and Commitments. 

The 25 selected ideas are aligned with the business challenges previously identified by the participating corporations. Specifically, 4 respond to the challenges of the Agrifood sector, 6 to Digital-Fintech and 15 to the Health sector: 

  • Agrifood Challenge 1: Monitoring the health status of food production and shelf life extension (security) 

  • Agrifood Challenge 2: New packaging materials and smart use of resources (sustainability, automation and security) 

  • Digital-Fintech Challenge 1: How to apply digital finance solution (fintech) to cross- sectoral fields (data science, AI, blockchain, machine-learning, cybersecurity) 

  • Digital-Fintech Challenge 2: Digital Payment and Digital Identity (block chain, data sharing, digital transformation, gamification) 

  • Health Challenge 1: Development of new digital solutions in the learning and behavioural sphere that can be used by patients and families (virtual care and new products) 


  • Health Challenge 2: New therapeutic solutions derived from natural products and organic extractions (sustainability and new products) 

Total general 


Lithuania led the way with 7 selected proposals, followed by Spain with 4 and Italy with 3. Here's a breakdown of the selected projects by country: 

  • Bulgaria 

  • Denmark 

  • Estonia 

  • France 

  • Greece 

  • Italy 

  • Lithuania 

  • Luxembourg 

  • Portugal 

  • Romania 

  • Slovenia 

  • Spain 

  • Sweden 

  • Turkey 

Total general 


The level of engagement and the diverse range of ideas demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit and innovation within our European community.

The 25 projects selected correspond to these companies:

  • VoiceMed 
  • MB Virtualios realybės sistemos 
  • Biofta 
  • UAB Biohifas 
  • BCNVision 
  • Freia Farmaceutici Srl 
  • MB Kulagenas 
  • UAB Bitsens 
  • Unity Dimention MB 
  • HekaVR 
  • Infinite Labs 
  • Innosensus 
  • TipPri 
  • Smart EpiGenetX 
  • MPL XR Europa SL 
  • RespiBit 
  • FinqUP Technology OOD 
  • Puulse Technology 
  • Seedsight 
  • Agrodit 

This first phase (Launch) for the second call will began on the 1st of February and will last 4 months. The SME and Startup participants will become part of the EPICENTRE Acceleration Program and enrol in the EPICENTRE Academy, where they will receive mentorship, funding, and resources to bring their ideas to life.  

Once the LAUNCH phase is over, the 13 best projects will be selected.  

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