The ENTRANCE Newsletter 17th Issue

Submitted by Tedora Aibu on 18 October 2023

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The topics covered in this issue are: 

  • High profile events: The Urban Mobility Days 2023 in Seville, Spain (October 4-6) has seen ENTRANCE collaborating with EU projects to promote smart and sustainable mobility and the Intermodal Europe 2023 (October 10-12) in Amsterdam brings together global experts in container shipping and intermodal transport, spotlighting cutting-edge solutions. And in Rotterdam (November 8-9), the ICMASS 2023 spotlights the latest in Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship (MASS) technology, held alongside Europort 2023. Also, in a near future, at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2023 in Barcelona, Spain (November 7-9), ENTRANCE takes an impactful role in accelerating the EU Green Deal and REPowerEU initiatives. Moreover, ENTRANCE will also participate in the POLIS Conference 2023 with an exhibition booth. Call to all Stakeholders: If you would like to partake in the Smart City World Congress, reach out to our team at [email protected] to secure access to this advantageous opportunity and meet experts from transport and mobility. 

  • Call to Action: The DUT Call 2023 is here, allowing cities to address urban challenges effectively and support research and innovation aligned with cities' needs. In another major development, the 2023 CEF Transport calls for proposals to revolutionise European transport infrastructure with €7 billion in funding. 

  • Recent news from ENTRANCE: Learn more about ENTRANCE’s Fee Alternative Finance Consulting Services. Explore ARRIVAL, a European matchmaking platform, merging ENTRANCE and RECIPROCITY efforts to accelerate innovative mobility solutions and ENTRANCE Liaison Projects: A Task Force to push for the acceleration of innovation uptake for sustainable transport! 

  • News about transport and mobility: Braga, Tallinn, and Istanbul reducing Co2 emissions; Astypalea: on-demand & shared mobility for an entire island; EU invests over €352 million to accelerate green mobility 

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