ENTRANCE at 2023 Annual POLIS Conference

Submitted by Tedora Aibu on 21 November 2023


Get ready for the 2023 Annual POLIS Conference on November 29-30 in Leuven, Belgium—an unmissable event for urban mobility enthusiasts. This premier European conference brings together experts, practitioners, and decision-makers to explore sustainable transportation solutions. 


This year promises 32 sessions and 2 unique plenaries over two days. Attendees will delve into the latest innovations and best practices, guided by the brightest minds in the field. 


ENTRANCE will be represented by PNO at the conference. Visit us at our booth and let's have enhancing discussions on building smarter and greener transportation systems! 


Join us at the 2023 POLIS Conference for an immersive experience where ideas collide, innovation thrives, and the future of urban mobility takes center stage.


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