Energy and water-saving in Bulgarian bakery

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Energy Water
Manufacture of food, beverages and tobacco Accommodation and food service activities
Investment cost:
High cost
Payback time:
Replacement of electric stoves and ovens by gas ones (2.9 years); installation of solar collectors (8 months); water-related measures (5.6 years)
High cost
Size of company:
Medium (less than 250)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:

Well-baked plan to save resources

  • A series of power- and water-saving measures cut annual costs
  • Installing solar panels offsets investment costs
  • Annual savings: € 17 000 on grid electricity, € 3 600 on wastewater 

JLP is a Bulgarian bakery located in Burgas. The company participated in a Cleaner Production assessment project, which identified interesting measures that helped save on energy and water costs.

Key results

The company replaced its electric stoves and ovens with gas ones at a cost of € 50 000. The new equipment uses 570 130 kWh less electricity each year (saving the bakery € 17 000). JLP also installed three solar collectors at a cost of € 1 500, which generate 78 840 kWh of electricity annually (saving € 2 600). The payback period on these measures was 2.9 years and 8 months respectively.

By installing a modern line-washing machine for containers and optimising the water temperature, the company also reduced wastewater. With an investment under € 20 000 and annual savings of € 3 600 on this measure, the payback period is 5.6 years.

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