ELBE Eurocluster Challenge

Submitted by Karolina Sękulska on 01 September 2023


We are delighted to share a summary of a unique event on August 24th. We are proud to have been partners thereof. The event was organized by Ocean Winds and provided SMEs involved in offshore wind energy, innovation and sustainable development with an abundance of knowledge and inspiration

Ocean Winds, an integral part of the Blue Cluster project, played a key role in the ELBE Eurocluster Challenge. The main objective of this project was to promote European cooperation in the areas of innovation, internationalization, communication and further development of the offshore renewable energy sector.

Ocean Winds reported a demand in the subject of "offshore wind" for delivering an innovative system of unmanned autonomous vehicles to operate offshore wind farms, including its BC-Wind project in Poland.

Experts presented the strategic goals and potential benefits of an advanced system that has the potential to change the field of offshore wind energy. They listed the key technological aspects of the project, including an innovative approach to the use of autonomous vehicles in the context of renewable energy. In addition, they focused on the economic and sustainable scope of the project and showed the prospects for further development, taking into account the growing importance of renewable energy.

This event was a unique opportunity for companies from the autonomous vehicle technology industry, which aspire to actively participate in the development of the offshore wind energy sector in Poland. The winner of the meeting also had the opportunity to obtain attractive financial support under the ELBE Eurocluster Challenge initiative.

It provided valuable information, but also was an excellent opportunity to build relationships in the industry and join the group of enthusiasts and experts who together strive for sustainable development and revolution in the field of energy.

We would like to thank all the participants who took part in this unique event and contributed to its success. Events like this play a key role in shaping the future of offshore wind energy.

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