EIT Digital unleashes the power of data for better city living

Submitted by Tedora Aibu on 14 November 2023


EIT Digital, in collaboration with partners, is pioneering CEDUS (City Enabler for Digital Urban Services), a project developing City Enabler—a FIWARE-based software product. The initiative aims to simplify the tracking and collection of valuable data in urban settings, supporting decision-making processes and expediting the delivery of new digital urban services. 


In urban environments, diverse digital devices collect vast amounts of data, but the lack of integration between technical applications hinders access for service providers. City Enabler addresses this challenge by facilitating collaboration among urban service providers, managing data, and supporting decision-making. The app adheres to Open & Agile Smart Cities principles, ensuring interoperability through standard APIs and avoiding vendor lock-ins. 


City Enabler is currently being piloted in Italy, Spain, and France, with plans to expand to markets including Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Norway, Serbia, Spain, and the US. 


Lanfranco Marasso, CEDUS Innovation Activity Lead, sees City Enabler as a transformative tool, stating, "It is an opportunity to engage the Digital Urban Ecosystem in 'inventing' new businesses through fast creation of map-based urban services, utilizing previously challenging data." 


Want to know more? See her: https://www.eitdigital.eu/newsroom/news/archive/eit-digital-unleashes-t… 

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