FAQs - ECCP Trend Universe

If you have any questions about the ECCP Trend Universe, please contact us via the email:
eccp-trend-universe [at] clustercollaboration.eu 

The ECCP Trend Universe is accessible through the access button on the ECCP Trend Universe website. Please be aware that only Pro Users have access to the ECCP Trend Universe. Therefore, all users on the platform who have filled out all mandatory and at least half of the optional fields will gain the Pro User status and unrestricted access to the Trend Universe.

A Pro User is someone who has filled out all of the required fields and half of the optional fields and thus, particularly stands out with the broad spectrum of information. We will grant a certain transition period to give users a bit of time to update their profiles and become Pro Users.

The focus on industrial ecosystems was announced in the Commission Communication on “A new industrial strategy for Europe” (10 March 2020). Industrial ecosystems encompass all players operating in a value chain: from the smallest start-ups to the largest companies, from academia to research, service providers to suppliers. The 14 EU Industrial Ecosystems are:

1. Tourism

2. Aerospace and Defence

3. Retail

4. Digital

5. Creative and Cultural Industries

6. Textiles

7. Proximity and Social Economy

8. Construction

9. Energy Intensive Industries 1

10. Electronics

11. Agri-Food

12. Renewable Energy

13. Mobility, Transport and Automotive

14. Health

Interested in learning more about the EU Industrial Ecosystems? Visit the EU Industrial Ecosystem website of the ECCP here.

Megatrends are displayed for each of the 14 Industrial Ecosystems. You can find the megatrends after entering one of the 14 Industrial Ecosystems (see screenshot). Here, you can evaluate different megatrends for the Industrial Ecosystem and compare them with the In-manas benchmark.

The ECCP Trend Universe is accessible for all Pro Users of the ECCP. There are no limitations for different profile user types. Thus, registered cluster members such as SMEs with a Pro User status have access to the ECCP Trend Universe.
At the moment, it is not possible to filter the data of the 14 Industrial Ecosystems in the Trend Radar by country/region. However, it might be possible in the future when more Pro Users actively use the tool and data are enriched with more user evaluations from different countries/regions.