ECCP Launches Trend Universe: A Strategic Foresight Instrument for EU Cluster Organisations

Submitted by ECCP Team on 12 April 2023

In today's globally connected world, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for businesses to remain competitive. That's why the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) has launched Trend Universe, a strategic foresight instrument tailor-made for EU cluster organisations and their members.

With Trend Universe, organisations gain insights into the future and better understand the impact of mega and macro trends on their cluster organisation. The tool allows users to explore relevant trends from 14 different industrial ecosystems and view relevant trend assessments from other clusters and global data.

The ECCP Trend Universe is a unique source of intelligence for cluster organisations. The findings of leading futurologists help to determine possible new developments and trends, which are identified and displayed in the ECCP Trend Universe. Data sources used for the trend selection scan millions of data points from start-ups, research papers, and patents, with AI support. Specific mega and macro trends are defined for each of the 14 industrial ecosystems, providing users with tailored insights.

The ECCP Trend Universe offers Pro Users the ability to assess and benchmark trends based on the influence strength and competence strength. A Pro User is someone who has filled out all of the required fields and half of the optional fields on their ECCP account, making them stand out from other profiles.

Stay ahead of the curve with the ECCP Trend Universe, try it out now after becoming a Pro User:

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