E-BOOST Eurocluster - Deliverable 3.1: SME electromobility map including needs analyses

Submitted by Jean-Baptiste HAHN on 22 March 2024


This document contains an analysis of several companies that are operational within the electromobility sector. To conduct the analysis properly, all consortium partners prepared a list of 292 SME's that they know are operational within electromobility in their respective countries. These SMEs are operational within several sectors such as automotive, railway, logistics, etc.

These companies were then approached to complete a survey to find out what they are struggling with currently and what exactly are their needs to accommodate those struggles. Each consortium partner was held responsible for obtaining information within their own country.

In total, 62 companies from all regions responded to the survey. After the analysis was conducted, a top six in terms of needs for the electromobility sector was identified.

  1. Essence of international cooperation
  2. Qualified personnel
  3. Legislation / Subsidies
  4. Market shortages (logistics, materials, utility)
  5. Price increases (materials, freight…, etc.)
  6. Charging infrastructure
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