Discover the laureates of METASTARS call for Innovation services

Submitted by Anne-Lise Stephan on 27 November 2023


The METASTARS consortium is pleased to announce the results of the call for innovative services organised by the European METASTARS project.
The METASTARS project, coordinated by Aerospace Valley, aims to support SMEs in the Aerospace and Defence (ASD) sector to increase their resilience, facilitate their adaptation to the digital and environmental transition, become more innovative and expand internationally.

Aimed at European SMEs, the METASTARS call for services awarded financial support to 36 SMEs to benefit from external services that will enable them to innovate in one of the following areas:

- GREEN TECH DEVELOPMENT - Support to SMEs wishing to develop environmentally-friendly solutions, processes or internal activities: manufacturing processes, communication, internal processes, etc.

- DIGITALISATION - Support to SMEs wishing to digitise their activities and/or internal processes.

- INTERNATIONALISATION TO CANADA AND JAPAN - Support to participate in a conference/event in Canada or Japan to develop business and/or to devise an internationalisation strategy or reach new customers/partners in one of these countries.

- INFORMATION SYSTEM AND SECURITY - Support to SMEs to increase their cyber-security.

- UPSKILLING & RESKILLING - Support for technical or non-technical training to stimulate the development of employee skills in SMEs.

This call for services, which has been open continuously since 01 March 2023, closed on 15 November after the available budget had been allocated. Out of a total of 59 applications submitted, discover the list of the 36 winning European SMEs in the attached document below.

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