Last update date 26 May 2023

Description of measure

The Nord-Est Regional Innovative Cluster for Structural and Molecular Imaging (IMAGO-MOL) is the only medical imaging cluster in Romania and the EU. The cluster is significantly driven by research and focuses on enhancing cooperation between industry and academia in the ICT and health sector with the aim to provide high quality healthcare services. IMAGO-MOL successfully lobbied the regional government to have eHealth and precision medicine become integral parts of the regional innovation strategy (RIS3 strategy), labelled as a sub-niche under the “catalyst area” health sector. The focus on these digital priority areas and the related digital transition of the sector contributed to the building of resilience, as the more individual design of the digital systems in the health sector has led to more economic robustness of the region.

Territorial validity
Thematic Priority
Strategic challenges
Type of cluster support
(Nord-Est) - Agri-textile