Last update date 26 May 2023

Description of measure

The Mechatronics Cluster is the largest cluster initiative in its sector in Austria. All industry segments of the value chain are represented – from mechanical and plant engineering to related industries such as equipment and apparatus engineering, technology suppliers, research and development, and educational institutions. The Mechatronics Cluster has thus established itself as an important player in the regional industrial ecosystem. Established as an integral part of the regional innovation strategy, the cluster is actively used by the public sector to promote regional industrial and thus also digital transformation. Since its inception in 2003, the cluster has contributed to significant employment and revenue growth in the region and initiated various R&D projects primarily focused on digitalisation and upskilling. Activated cross-company know-how exchange and strengthening non-technological and technological innovation competence offered significant added value for the regional ecosystems.

Territorial validity
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(Oberösterreich) - Energy / Industry