Last update date 12 November 2021

Description of measure

DIHOST is a project coordinated by the Lower Austrian business agency ecoplus to provide non-profit support for the digital transformation of SMEs in the Eastern part of Austria. It offers access to digital know-how and test infrastructure of five knowledge providers and involves business and innovation support organisations (Chamber of Commerce, clusters, etc.) to reach out to SMEs in four regions in Austria (Lower Austria, Burgenland, Vienna, Upper Austria). The main success factor is that DIHOST offers access to expert knowledge, the possibility to test and implement new digital infrastructures and enables international connections to European networks.

Territorial validity
Thematic Priority
Strategic challenges
Type of cluster support
(Oberösterreich) - Energy / Industry
(Wien) - Creative digital / Capitals
(Niederösterreich) - Non-specialised / Diversified
(Burgenland) - Non-specialised / Diversified