Last update date 26 May 2023

Description of measure

The Ostrobothnia Region is home to a strongly business-driven energy cluster consisting of innovative technology providers for electricity grids, the maritime industry, renewable energy production, and energy efficiency. Accordingly, Energy Technology and System Solutions for Renewable Energy Production together form a priority area in the Strategy for Innovation and Growth in Ostrobothnia 2022-2025 (RIS3). Merinova, as a leading actor in the EnergyVaasa cluster, has played a major role in designing and implementing the RIS3, especially with regard to the priority area of the energy ecosystem in the region. The foundation for this has been a long-standing, trusting and informal cooperation with the Regional Council, as the responsible body of the RIS3, and with VASEK, the municipality-owned business and development company in the Vaasa region. Moreover, thanks to EnergyVaasa’s very close relationship with its member companies and the high level of mutual trust, the smart specialisation strategy and the entire related regional industrial transition process relies strongly on business needs. All in all, this has been the breeding ground for innovative green and smart solutions that have been realised through joint projects and are now also being used for the purpose of a sustainable urban transformation in the city of Vaasa towards a carbon-neutral ecosystem.

Territorial validity
Thematic Priority
Strategic challenges
Type of cluster support
(Länsi-Suomi) - Non-specialised / Diversified