Development of Innovative Communication Tools for E-BOOST Open Calls beneficiaries

DEADLINE: 31 October 2023

Submission & evaluation process

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9 easy steps to follow:

  1. Step 1: Application
  2. Step 2: Admissibility & eligibility check
  3. Step 3: Evaluation - lump sum will be granted according to criteria and scoring mechanism set up in the Guide for applicants
  4. Step 4: Confirmationselected applicants sign Financia Support to Third Parties Agreement
  5. Step 5: Pre-financing – after the signature of the Financial Support to Third Parties Agreement
  6. Step 6: Services implementation
  7. Step 7: Intermediary payments – online meeting with Communication & Dissemination Work Package leader
  8. Step 8: Final reportingcomplete report with supporting documentations
  9. Step 9: Payment

Applications must be written in English (applications partially written in another language are not eligible) and must not exceed the maximum number of characters stated in each text box of the submission form.

Applications must be submitted through the web-based system by the deadline indicated in the Development of Innovative Communication Tools for E-BOOST Open Calls beneficiaries.

More detailed information in the Guide for applicants (Section 3.3.1.) 

Further information

For any enquiries regarding this call, please contact [email protected].

For more information about the E-BOOST Open Calls, see E-BOOST website or ECCP profile.

To keep informed about latest news, follow E-BOOST on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Task description


In order to showcase the Products & Services developed through E-BOOST Open Calls, the consortium is launching the Innovative Communication Tools Open Call in order to highlight beneficiaries and their results.

Proposals are expected to contribute to the following expected outcomes:

  • Communicate the beneficiary projects of each E-BOOST Products & Services Open Calls;
  • Promote the innovative solutions presented by the beneficiaries in Products & Services Open Calls;
  • Disseminate the different Open Calls launched by E-BOOST project;
  • Explain the methodology of the E-BOOST project to enable application for the Open Calls;
  • Communicate the final results of the E-BOOST project to stakeholders.

The types of Innovative Communication Tools requested by the E-BOOST project are presented in the non-exhaustive list below.

  • Flyers and roll-ups
  • Visual materials used to convey information effectively. Through these physical tools, general information about the project and its objectives can be communicated at the different face-to-face events organized by the project, such as workshops, seminars, meetings, company visits, matchmaking, etc., as well as the partners involved in the project.
  • Infographics
  • Visual representation combining text and images to convey information clearly. They will be used to explain the innovative products, services and processes that have been selected in each call of the project. They will be published on the social media profiles of the project and on the website.
  • Podcasts
  • Audio files for convenient and accessible information transmission. Through interviews with the selected candidates of each call, the innovative products or services with which they participate in the project are presented. Representatives of the project partner will take part in them and will conduct the podcast. They can be disseminated through the project’s website and its social media profiles.
  • Video
  • Powerful tool using moving images and sound to convey messages comprehensively. It will be a short animated information video for the beneficiaries of each Open Call. It would be disseminated on the project’s website and social media profiles.

These tools should be produced for each of the beneficiaries per mentioned Open Calls. There will be 10 beneficiaries in total.

  •  2 Supporting innovative Products and Services development in electromobility sectors (bottom-up #1 and #2) = up to 4 beneficiaries
  • 1 Supporting innovative Products and Services development in electromobility sectors (Clean Hydrogen) = up to 2 beneficiaries
  • 1 Supporting innovative Products and Services development in electromobility sectors (Industrial Battery Value Chain) = up to 2 beneficiaries
  • 1 Supporting innovative Products and Services development in electromobility sectors (Towards 0 emission transport) = up to 2 beneficiaries

These Innovative Communication Tools should be made for the above-mentioned Open Calls. Which are launching according to Three cut-off (see section 3.2.1 of the guide for applicants). 

Each proposal should also plan to make 1 main video before cut-off #2 and #3, to promote and disseminate the Open Calls to E-BOOST targeted countries.


The lump sum is aimed at covering the following costs incurred by beneficiaries:

  • Personnel costs
  • Subcontracting costs (up to 50% of the allocated grant)
  • Other direct costs: travel and subsistence, equipment (only depreciation costs), consumables, etc. 
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