Deliverable 3.2 - BioMan4R2 Open Call Report

Submitted by Margot Jehle on 21 February 2024


Bioman4R2 is pleased to announce that all supported projects are well on their way to success, marking a significant milestone for the Eurocluster. The positive progress reflects the dedication and efficacy of the supported SMEs, and their commitment to advancing impactful projects within the Biomanufacturing and MedTech sectors.

The applications were, ranked based on average scores for impact, implementation, and excellence criteria. The impact section held the highest weight, followed by implementation and excellence. The successful Bioman4R2 Eurocluster project applications outperformed the unsuccessful applications based on several key factors. Winners in the Business Transformation and Innovation Financial Support categories excelled by providing detailed budget allocations, a robust team involved in the implementation, and proven expertise in Biomanufacturing and MedTech. Clear ambition, comprehensive team descriptions, and aligned budgets with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were crucial for Innovation project success specifically. Successful applicants showcased a strong impact focus, demonstrating their commitment and solid approach to achieving positive outcomes and impact in the Biomanufacturing and MedTech sector and beyond.
Some winning applications requested less funding than expected, which allowed for an additional project to be partially funded. This presented an opportunity to support an extra project and maximize the impact of the Financial Support Scheme.

The awarded projects are:…

The complete Report on the BioMan4R2 Support Programme provides detailed numbers on numbers of applications, geographical spread, and reasons for rejection.
The projects will end in spring 2024 and the outcome of the projects will be elaborated on when all final reports have beem submitted.

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