Data-driven Unsafe Road Situations Monitor

Submitted by Tedora Aibu on 16 November 2023

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In the ever-evolving landscape of urban mobility, road safety remains a paramount concern for municipalities worldwide. The City of Alkmaar has taken a pioneering step towards a safer future with Bridgestone's cutting-edge solution, the "Data-driven Unsafe Road Situations Monitor."


Challenges and Goals: 

Traditionally, gauging traffic safety relied on residents' perceptions, lacking concrete evidence from actual accidents. This ambiguity hindered informed decision-making for modifications aimed at enhancing safety. Furthermore, sentiments on road safety impacted urban development initiatives. 

Alkmaar faced the challenge of preemptively addressing road safety, particularly in areas with children, to avoid reactive measures after accidents occurred. 

  How It Works: 

The monitor surpasses traditional accident focus by spotlighting "near" incidents. Correlating this with data on speed bumps, school proximity, and registered accidents unveils patterns preceding incidents. Overlaying this critical information onto a 3D city representation offers swift insights, empowering authorities to intervene proactively and implement preventive measures before accidents occur. 


Benefits for Alkmaar: 

  • Proactive Safety Measures: The monitor enables authorities to identify potential risk areas before accidents happen, fostering a proactive approach to road safety. 

  • Data Integration: By amalgamating diverse datasets, including citizen reports and police records, the monitor offers a comprehensive overview, enhancing the accuracy of safety assessments. 

  • Customizable Expansion: The solution's adaptability allows for easy integration with additional data sets, tailoring its functionality to the unique needs of the city.


In conclusion, Alkmaar's adoption of the Data-driven Unsafe Road Situations Monitor marks a significant stride toward a safer urban environment. By leveraging data to predict and prevent accidents, the city sets a precedent for smart, proactive solutions in the realm of road safety. For a deeper dive into this transformative initiative, click here

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