Dalarna Science Park, a leading example of implementing sustainability

Submitted by Pernilla Löfling on 27 November 2023


Dalarna Science Park is one of the few science parks in Sweden that has achieved the ISO 26 000 verification, a global standard for social responsibility, which means that the park is committed to promoting sustainable development in its organisation and the region of Dalarna. In this article, we will explore how Dalarna Science Park, as a green tech cluster and part of the Green Tech 2.0 project, implements sustainability in its daily work and collaborates with regional stakeholders to foster innovation and growth.

One of the main goals of Dalarna Science Park is to support the development of green technologies and solutions that can contribute to the transition to a low-carbon economy. The park offers various services and programs to help entrepreneurs, researchers and companies in the green tech sector, such as incubation, acceleration, networking, mentoring, funding and internationalisation. They help start-ups and entrepreneurs to develop and commercialise clean technologies and solutions that address global challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and resource scarcity. The Science Park enhances the skills and competencies of entrepreneurs and innovators in circular economy, bioeconomy, and digitalisation by offering training and coaching programs that equip them with the knowledge and tools to create sustainable business models, products, and processes.
They also host events and workshops to raise awareness and knowledge about green tech opportunities and challenges.

Dalarna Science Park strives to be a role model for sustainability in its organisation. The park follows the principles of circular economy and minimises its environmental impact by reducing waste, energy consumption and emissions. The park also ensures its employees and partners adhere to high ethical standards and respect human rights, diversity and inclusion. The park regularly monitors and evaluates its sustainability performance and reports on its progress and achievements.

Furthermore, Dalarna Science Park works with sustainability on a regional level by engaging with various actors in the region of Dalarna. They create a culture of collaboration and co-creation among different actors and stakeholders in the green tech ecosystem by facilitating partnerships and synergies between companies, universities, research institutes, public authorities, and civil society organisations that work towards common goals and challenges.

Dalarna Science Park is part of the Regional Innovation Council, a platform for dialogue and cooperation between public, private and academic sectors on innovation and regional development. The park also participates in several regional projects and initiatives that aim to enhance the competitiveness and attractiveness of Dalarna as a green tech hub.

Dalarna Science Park is a leading example of how a science park can implement sustainability in its own organisation and daily work, as well as support and collaborate with regional stakeholders to foster sustainable innovation and growth. By achieving the ISO 26 000 verification, the park demonstrates its commitment and responsibility to contribute to the global goals for sustainable development.

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