Czech defence and security industry awarded in CZECH TOP 100 for 2023

Submitted by Renáta Pfefferová on 26 February 2024

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In the second half of June, as part of the CZECH TOP 100 Gala, held in the Spanish Hall of Prague Castle, companies from the defence and security industry were awarded. The Czech defence and security industry was awarded both because of the current geopolitical situation and thanks to the long-term excellent results of Czech companies in this sector. 

The first awardee was the president of the Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic (AOBP), Jiri Hynek, who was re-elected to the position of president of the Association for the third consecutive term at the General Meeting of the AOBP in May. President Hynek stated that this is an award for the entire working team of the Association. The number of AOBP members increased to 165, which speaks of the growing importance of the Association as a partner of the state administration and institutions in the Czech Republic, the EU, and NATO, but also as an organiser and coordinator of several activities for the benefit of its members at home and abroad.

AOBP member SpaceKnow became the second awardee; the award was collected by the company’s vice president, Jonas Vlk. By the way, SpaceKnow also won an important award at the IDEX 2023 international defence and security exhibition in Abu Dhabi in February, namely the award for the most innovative company exhibiting at the trade fair – in competition with 1,500 exhibitors worldwide.


President of AOBP, Jiri Hynek

The third award-winning company was also a member of AOBP, the state enterprise Lom Praha. The company’s CEO, Jiri Protiva, collected the award. The CZECH TOP 100 gala evening is the traditional culmination of all CZECH TOP 100 projects. It represents an exclusive opportunity to meet top managers of the most important companies, representatives of the government and other institutions, and other professional economic public.

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