Consultation on Forum of Cluster Associations and Networks (FCAN): Fourth Survey

Submitted by Imogen Allan on 17 November 2021

The European Forum of Cluster Associations and Networks (FCAN) initiates, drives and facilitates discussion among various cluster associations and networks and the European Commission with a focus on consultation, cluster development and cooperation, the exchange of practices and mutual learning.

Through ECCP website, FCAN has 4 online discussion groups that are focused on:

  • General Update
  • Funding
  • Digitalisation
  • Green Economy

The online discussion groups can be accessed here.

In this context, the ECCP team has launched an online survey as the fourth consultation which aims to follow up on previous consultations, in particular on the suggestions for further and improved ECCP services under the FCAN.

The survey results will inform the ECCP on how to develop new and improved services in the following period.

All CAN members profiled in ECCP are welcomed to fill in the survey here before the 26 November.

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