Consultation on EU strategy for sustainable textiles

Submitted by Imogen Allan on 09 June 2021

The European Commission has an open public consultation for clusters and SMEs on the environment and sustainability.

All citizens and organisations are welcome to contribute to the consultation.

In particular, input is welcome from actors along the textile value chain as well as public authorities, citizens, consumers and social partners, investors and training centres.

Purpose of consultation

The European Green Deal and the Circular Economy Action Plan, as well as the 2020 Industrial Strategy, identify the textile sector as a key sector where potential for circularity is high.

The Recovery Plan also outlines the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the industrial ecosystem for textiles in the EU, identifying its recovery needs in light of current and expected weaknesses on both the demand and supply sides.

It will support investment, research and innovation and help the EU shift to a climate-neutral, circular economy where products are more durable and recyclable. It will also aim to ensure that the textile industry recovers from the COVID-19 crisis in a sustainable and competitive way by applying circular economy principles to production, products, consumption, waste management and secondary raw materials.

You can contribute to this consultation by filling in the online questionnaire and submit your responses in any official EU language.

Take part in the consultation here.

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