hydrogen clusterxchange ECCP platform


We are looking forward to welcome you to our ClusterXchange in Heilbronn & Frankfurt, Germany where you can meet other SME’s, large companies, research institutes and clusters. The CXC includes a 3-day program: On the first day (27.06.23) you will attend the Hydrogen Day in the Buchsbachtalhalle in Hardthausen, which is a big event within the hydrogen field. On the second day (28.06.23) there are site visits to DLR & HALMOSI planned and in the evening there will be a networking BBQ! On the last day (29.06.23) you will visit STELLANTIS in Frankfurt area (Rüsselsheim) and you will hear about the hydrogen strategy and fuel cell electric vehicles at STELLANTIS. The networking lunch will take place at the Opel Villa.
Please register under below link and tick the box: “Ich nehme teil”. You will receive a funding of 415 EUR if you comply with the EU funding regulations.