Last update date 10 February 2022

Description of measure

Funding - support planned for the years 2021-2027:

Development of the potential of growing clusters - support to cluster management organisations Support for the supra-regional growing clusters, aspiring to obtain the status of National Key Clusters - strengthening the professionalization of coordinators' activities, in order to develop the competitive potential of clusters, in particular in the field of R&D&I activity.

Support for innovation and development potential of the National Key Clusters Support for the managers of the National Key Clusters in the development of innovative services for companies, including the development of services in strategic areas of the socio-economic development policy, i.e. innovation policy, adaptation to the needs of Industry 4.0, digital transformation, circular economy, low-carbon economy

Networking within ecosystems:

The establishment and operation of advisory bodies for cluster policies (the Council of Key National Clusters, the Working Group on Cluster Policy, and the Cluster Policy Team which is comprised of representatives of regional self-governments). These advisory bodies help to create the tailored cluster policy and specific instruments that meet the needs of cluster managers
Active platforms for co-operation (the Polish Cluster Association, which brings together cluster managers from across Poland). This association allows for rapid interactions between cluster managers and companies, improving coordination and the ability to find funding opportunities for developing clusters
Active involvement in organising networking events like the Congress of Polish Clusters

Hollistic policy view:

Promoting the active role of clusters in the development towards green economy (a requirement for the National Key Clusters to involve in activities for the circular economy and activities for the benefit of a low-emission economy)
Promoting knowledge transfer and research-business cooperation (requirement for the Key National Clusters)
Benchmarking of clusters and advisory services based on benchmarking results
Still a need for cluster development policies that focus on inclusivity and equity. To improve access to ecosystems and develop sustainable cluster growth, policies should engage more fully under-represented groups

Territorial validity
Strategic challenges
Type of cluster support