Clean fuel from animal- and plant-based fats, oils and greases

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Sustainability Waste
Waste collection, treatment and disposal activities; materials recovery Manufacture of chemicals and refining
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Clever, scalable waste-to-energy solution

  • Modular, scalable technology for converting waste fat and grease into biofuel
  • Clean biodiesel from 100 % waste that produces no emissions and radically lower particulates 

BioGTS Oy is a Finnish company situated in the town of Jyväskylä specialising in smart and comprehensive waste-to-energy solutions. It has developed a new kind of modular biorefinery concept based on scalable technology for refining biodegradable waste, industrial residues or agricultural biomasses into renewable fuel, chemicals and fertilisers.

The concept relies on unique and cost-effective biogas and biodiesel technology. The entire process, from waste and biomass pre-treatment to energy production, can be carried out with the modular products the company has developed. The solutions can easily be both installed and scaled to various needs, ranging from farm-scale units to major urban waste-management solutions.

The BioGTS biodiesel technology can produce environmentally friendly biodiesel cost-effectively from animal- and plant-based fats, oils and greases generated in food industries, restaurants, agriculture, etc. The biodiesel produced by BioGTS biodiesel plants is a high-quality fuel that meets the international biodiesel standards. It can be used as vehicle fuel, oil for heating, machinery or in generators, either at 100 % or blended with fossil fuels.

Key benefits

  • Biodiesel and biogas do not produce greenhouse gases
  • The particle emissions of biogas are 99 % lower compared to the emissions of regular diesel
  • The BioGTS biodiesel processes do not use water at all. Normally processes use 3-4 m3 pure water per produced 1 m3 biodiesel
  • The raw material of both biodiesel and biogas can be 100 % waste which saves natural resources and decreases the emissions of waste management

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