Challenges of the Lighting Monumental Projects - Dialogues with Greek stakeholders

Submitted by Fabiola Simeoni on 16 October 2023

Culture Lights Dialogues with Greek stakeholders

Erasmus+ Culture Lights project - DIALOGUES WITH GREEK STAKEHOLDERS

During the CultureLights recent transnational meeting in Athens on 28-29 September 2023, the Consortium had the valuable opportunity to engage in insightful discussions with Greek lighting companies:

& representatives from the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Dorina Moulou!

The dialogue fostered an exchange of ideas and knowledge between Greek stakeholders and CultureLights partners on the ways to enhance preservation of historical buildings, emphasizing the significance of sustainable lighting and the role of construction professionals in renovating cultural structures and site.

Additionally, we explored the main challenges and obstacles emerged during the local working workshops with construction and lighting professionals and cultural building users, as well as the skills required for both blue and white-collar workers in this domain.

We would like to thank Greek partners READLAB and PEDMEDE for hosting the meeting and all participants for their valuable contributions, which will be useful for the definition of the upcoming CultureLights training programs, focusing on sustainable lighting methodologies in cultural buildings.

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