Call now open: GALATEA Blue Growth Accelerator

DEADLINE: 08 December 2021

The GALATEA Blue Growth Accelerator has announced opening dates for its Call for Vouchers!

Eligible organisations can apply for the Open Call between 22 September and 8 December to receive direct financial support for their activities or projects.

The Blue Growth Accelerator supports high-impact projects coordinated by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These projects should address challenges in the smart port, small ship, smart shipyard, and maritime surveillance domains. One of the ways the initiative offers support is through a voucher scheme, which offers direct financial support of up to:

  • EUR 20,000 for individual SMEs applying for development and technology transfer activities;
  • EUR 60,000 for consortiums of at least two SMEs for the development of prototype or demonstration projects.

You can apply to this Open Call if your SME matches the following requirements:

  • Operates in the maritime, ICT, aerospatial, or aeronautic industry, and plans to submit a proposal related to blue growth;
  • Member of a GALATEA consortium cluster, or established/with a branch office in the GALATEA territorial scope in France, Greece, Romania, or Spain.

Apply here by 8 December, 17:00 CET.

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