Asset Performance Management (АРМ) is the hottest topic in worldwide Industry 4.0. Companies metrics of operational excellence and profitability directly depends on how efficiently and effectively they manage their assets. In the Eastern Partnership countries, the topic of APM has as also other aspects. Because of the obsolescence of many production assets, APM is as well a subject of safety and security.

So, the main goal of the conference 9/11 is to align local practices & knowledge in APM of EaP countries with EU’s one to build consensus about current state and priorities of development.

The organizer of APM-2021 conference is Ukraine, represented by Association of industrial automation of Ukraine (APPAU). APPAU involves best practitioners from the categories of local end users, system integrators and developers. APPAU develops partnerships with leading in APM Belgium association BEMAS. So many news and trends from the recent conference Asset Performance 4.0 will be also discussed during the conference on 9th of November.

As APPAU is the member of EU4digital project, the direction of EU4Digital supports this initiative as one which well match to the digitalizion of industrial SMEs as well serves to the development of relationship between the professional communities of EU and EaP countries.

We also invite to join speakers from other EaP countries. Your proposals for presentations, including topic of ecosystem development, best practices in APM and state of critical countries assets please send Mr. Alexandre Yurchak, CEO of APPAU to the email [email protected]

Registration on the conference is free.

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Asset Performance conference

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