ARRIVAL Matchmaking Platform

Submitted by Tedora Aibu on 26 January 2024


The ARRIVAL Matchmaking Platform, a collaborative effort of the EU-funded projects ENTRANCE and RECIPROCITY, stands as a comprehensive European portal for innovative transports and clean mobility solutions. Despite ENTRANCE closing, the ARRIVAL platform will still be available, offering a multifunctional matchmaking service designed to accelerate the adoption of sustainable transport solutions and reduce CO2 emissions in the transport and mobility sectors.

User Benefits: Creating a free account unlocks personalized benefits, including a user dashboard, direct connections, notifications, organization promotion, and access to exclusive resources.

Target Audience: Innovators showcase solutions, investors find opportunities, policymakers engage with stakeholders, and end-users contribute feedback, collectively promoting sustainable transport.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry leaders, coordinate procurement efforts, and access a network of partnering platforms to enhance collaboration.

Access Funding Opportunities: ARRIVAL provides a gateway to funding opportunities for sustainable transport solutions. Users gain insights into available funding programs, connect with potential funders, and leverage the platform to facilitate financial support for innovative projects. Additionally, ARRIVAL offers a suite of features, including matchmaking, networking events, regulatory guidance, and access to up-to-date information on trends and innovations in the sustainable transport sector. Offline services are also available to mobilize financial resources and expedite market access for pioneering sustainable transport solutions.

The ARRIVAL platform is your starting point for introducing transport and mobility innovations to the market. See here the leaflet!

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