Apply now to the City of Vancouver: Smart Technology Green Infrastructure Monitoring challenge

DEADLINE: 30 June 2021

EU Techbridge connects North American end users with innovative European SMEs.

In collaboration with Project Greenlight, an initiative led by the Vancouver Economic Commission and supported by Foresight Canada, EU Techbridge are looking for European SMEs utilising innovative technologies to participate in the ‘City of Vancouver: Smart Technology Green Infrastructure Monitoring challenge.

This challenge is for SMEs which can offer solutions in:

  • IoT integration;
  • Connectivity platform for data management;
  • Real-time monitoring data transmission;
  • Water level sensors;
  • Soil moisture sensors;
  • In-situ water quality sensors;
  • Imaging sensors;
  • Contact sensors;
  • Flow sensors;
  • Battery and solar power technology.

By participating, you can stay updated on emerging business opportunities in the Canadian market, and leverage the opportunity to acquire new strategic partners by getting in touch with relevant Canadian stakeholders to present your innovative solution.

You can find more details of the challenge here.

Is your innovative technology relevant to one or more focus areas? Sign up HERE!

After registering, you will be asked to fill in a short form with basic information about your company’s profile, vision, type of solution, and area of expertise. Following this, you can fill in the challenge-specific application form. 

The deadline is 30 June at 8:59 AM CET.

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