Announcement of the 1st SUSTAIN Open Call results

Submitted by Dimosthenis Io… on 23 February 2024


We are thrilled to announce the selected proposals from our recent 1st Open Call.
After careful consideration and evaluation of applications by our team, we are proud to recognize the following projects for their outstanding quality and innovative contributions.
We would also like to express our gratitude to all participants who submitted their proposals.
Additionally, we want to inform you that the responsible partners from the SUSTAIN project will be reaching out to the awarded SMEs in the coming days for further information and assistance.
We look forward to seeing the impact of these projects as they come to reality and contribute to the change to a greener and more digital economy.

1. AIBEM: “AI powered Building Exterior Measurements” - Vypno GmbH, Germany
2. ATMOS: “Angie ATMOS (Advanced Technologies for Monitoring and Optimization of Systems/ Spaces)” - Loren Networks AD, Bulgaria
3. BRAINED: “Building perfoRmance and smArt readINess Evaluation through monitoring Data” - Elliniko Insitouto Pathitikou Ktiriou and Domx IKE, Greece
4. Chatbot for PEDMaker : “SRI-CHATPED” - LuxActive KG, Austria
5. ECOSYNERGY: “SRI-EPC Integrated Analysis” - Armengol & Ros Consultors I Associats and ERF Energia & Sostenibilitat, SL, Spain
6. EDIFICE: “Artificial Intelligence and digital twin technologies for predictive maintenance of large civil structures” - BALTA SRL, Italy
7. IEM: “Integrated Evaluation Model for SRI and EPC” - Paci Enginyers SLP, Spain
8. INCISIONS: “A deep learning framework to support Smart Readiness INdiCators using UAVs InSpectIONS” - Hypertech, Greece
9. INSPIRE: “INteroperable, open and modular energy management System with integrated Performance Improvement and optimization, SRI calculation and support for energy and Renewable investments” - Energy@Work SCARL, Italy
10. PREMISES: “PREdictive Maintenance supported by IoT in Smart EnvironmentS” - Osmose and R2M Solution France SAS, France
11. Smart BEAR: “Visualizing SRI Upgrades in VR environment and BIM Integration” - Eupyhia Tech Ltd, Cyprus
12. SRIBIM: “SRI automatic evaluation from BIM model” - Oboria Digital SLU, Spain

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